Are you successful in some areas of your life, but feel like something is still lacking in others? Have you had a prior experience in therapy that did not go as you hoped? Beginning psychotherapy is one of the more profound, yet difficult decisions an individual can make. I foster a therapeutic environment of safety, honesty and integrity that facilitates positive change and personal growth. My approach is interactive, caring and thoughtful. I will help you to understand your feelings and recognize patterns that are obstacles to leading a meaningful life.

I specialize in working with individuals and couples who wish to improve their lives. Some issues I can be helpful with are dating, relationship, marriage issues, work, career changes, intimacy, commitment and parenthood. I counsel adolescent and teenage boys and their families. and also specialize in working with artists.

As a psychoanalyst, teacher and supervisor with 20 years of experience, I help people understand their emotions and have better relationships and work lives. As we work together, we will specifically set goals, address concerns you might have about the therapy process, and clarify how therapy can change your life.

Conveniently located near Midtown/Herald Square in Manhattan. See Map.

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